one, two, three

It's the kind of colorless evening where the sun has refused to peek out from beneath its blanket of clouds, painting the world in a strange silver light that seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at once.Flying things fill the air—crows that shout into empty space with wings silhouetted against the sky, small creatures … Continue reading one, two, three

a collage of light

*appears around the corner in a rolling chair and grabs at random furniture to propel myself forward until I've reached my desk* *shuffles papers professionally* Yesterday, in the car, I saw this huge brown dog in the bare corner of a sun-drenched yard, tied to the ground with a massively heavy chain. He was holding … Continue reading a collage of light

an empty boxing ring

eyes sharp and fists curled,squinting in the light,you laugh and dare the dirty worldto get back up and fight. you'll draw an aching breathand refuse to shift your gaze,dancing faster still with death,losing count of hollow days. wrap the bandages on your handsso tightly that they sting,shout your narrow-eyed commandsto an empty boxing ring. wait … Continue reading an empty boxing ring