the brave boy

He is eleven and wild-eyed, the soles of his bare feet dancing across weathered planks of wood as he dares himself to dive. The afternoon sun is high in a cloudless sky, and it reflects across the surface of the lake like a thousand glittering crystals, making the child’s eyes draw tight in his freckled … Continue reading the brave boy

the tracks go on forever | part one

It was a soft, sun-washed morning, and in a miraculous turn of events, I was awake quite early. I stumbled out of bed, opened my email with blurry eyes, and behold, there was an email from Jo. She wanted to write a story... with... me? See, backstory: Jo is one of my favorite writers. She … Continue reading the tracks go on forever | part one

the empty spaces

For a city so full of life, the dark street corner is remarkably quiet. The glow of a million distant lights have turned the sky hazy, leaving the moon to shine weakly above a convenience store parking lot, empty except for a single stray cat. The rain-soaked crosswalk glistens in the darkness, every puddle in … Continue reading the empty spaces

eyes to the storm

The girl on the hill watches, quiet and still, as a storm leaves gaping cracks in the darkening sky. Ash-colored clouds writhe across the horizon, tortured and wild as they spread their poisonous darkness, increasing the pace of their dizzying dance with every passing minute. A thunderous clap of untamed fury resonates through the crackling … Continue reading eyes to the storm